Wonder Tripper is now in New York City

Wonder Tripper is now in New York City | Wonder Tripper

Today, on a Sunday night as I sit and watched through my bedroom window the snow fall in New York City made me realize I’m here for good.

Permanently living abroad has been my dream since 2008 where I know what it feels like to be an exchanged student in USA. For 10 months I lived away from the comfort of family and friends. A great way for me to get out of my comfort zone. Since then I always looked for opportunity that harness my passion for travel.

Now, 8 years later it finally arrived. I’m here for a good 2 years to continue my master degree in New York University, major in Tourism Management. Looking ahead I’ve made plans on how to fill my days here – with lots of travel, cultural activity, broadway, and most importantly immersed on how a New Yorker lives.


So, here’s what happen to Wonder Tripper

Moving to New York city will effect my ways of travel. There will be more experience I write about NYC or USA in general than my usual adventure in Indonesia. Hey, it’s a new adventure and I can’t wait to explore more the city and see how far I can reach my dreams. Guess it is time to find out 😉

I will continue write about my love for Indonesia. I might need some help from you though. I’m open for a guest post on Indonesia. If you’re interested just shoot me an email at k.shabrina@gmail.com.

I have a second project called Why I Love Indonesia. It’s about how Indonesian perceived their country. How they love or hate? And why. The input from all wonderful people is put in the @whyiloveindonesia Instagram account. Simply tag or email to whyiloveindonesia.com@gmail.com to get featured.

Reality Bites. In Indonesia I mostly pay my travel through personal fund or (if lucky) through sponsored trips. However, now as I’m in the quarter year of my life, I have to depend on my family once again. It sucks big time. Living in the city where everything is exorbitantly high, I have to think through and be as creative as possible to do travel hacking. Every cents count. But, I’m aware of my privilege and very grateful having the most supported family ever.

Mostly I will find part time jobs and increased passive income through the forms of freelance writing and affiliate marketing (term for a system which a person recommends products and get a commission if you buy them, at no extra cost to you). I know most bloggers already done this. I know I’m kinda late to start but its better than never.

Will I see you in New York ?

Wonder Tripper is now in New York City | Wonder TripperI’m always open to meet and explore with new people and communities alike. Strangers turn into friends are what makes travel worthwhile. Destination / historical sites are just buildings that can’t really give value if there’s no locals to meet and learn from. Hence, let’s meetup! if you plan to visit New York city. You might never know what a good shy “Hello” can turn into. Email me if you want to meet to have coffee or dessert (by the way I’m a big fan of ice cream. Any recommendation for a good yummy place in NYC?), we can talk about travel and more.


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