What it feels like to try Zip Lining in Tagaytay, Philippines

While I’m in Manila, Philippines for a holiday I tried to do several crazy things I never tried before such as travel solo to learn how to surf in La Union, staying at a beach hostel, and now me and my friends decide to go to Tagaytay. Tagaytay is a small city only 2 hours – 2.5 hours drive by car or public transportation from Manila, which famous for The Taal Volcano. However, I’m not here to tell you all the beautiful thing of Tagaytay yet about my experience try Zip Lining for the first time. I love to try new things. Especially activities or sport that makes your heart, head, mind, and mouth go Wa Wha Whaaatttttttttt.

How far the Zip Lining would take
Length of the Zip Lining

Picnic Grove is a picnic area where they facilitate activities for outbond in Tagaytay. One of the facilities they provide is for Zip Lining. The actual journey would take only 20 seconds – 30 seconds. However in that short exciting moment there are 2 things you would definitely see. First, tropical forest that surrounds Picnic Grove right below you. For those whose afraid of heights, this can be very scary as there is no net to prevent you from falling straight to the forest. Therefore not everyone can do these especially pregnant women, a person who has heart disease, and a person who’s drunk (duuh, of course).

The view from above
View of Mount Taal From Above

Secondly, you will see the gorgeous Mount Taal. Tough only for 20 seconds, yet you would see it without any distraction such as building or people. The price of Zip Lining is not that expensive hence it’s very popular among local tourist. For less than USD 15 you would get a chance to see Taal Volcano located in the middle of Taal Lake from 250m above. For you fellow adrenaline junkie I encourage you to try this. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you. They allow you to hold on to it while Zip Lining. Just be careful not to drop it :p

Be careful not to drop your camera while Zip Lining
Be careful not to drop your camera while Zip Lining
Zip Lining. Accomplished!
Zip Lining. Accomplished!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Price for weekday or non holiday day: PHP 200/person for 1 trip or PHP 300/person for 2 trips (going and back)
  • Price for weekend: PHP 300/person for 1 trip or PHP 400/person for 2 trips (going and back)
  • They would provide a photo for a souvenir regardless which trip you take.
  • For more info please visit their website: http://tagaytayzipline.com/

Data as of May 2014

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