Favorite Companies

Whenever I travel these are the companies I choose first. The list comprises of companies/travel gear I use and recommend. They’re the best deals you would not like to miss.



Skift | Slow Travel StorySkift is the largest industry intelligence platform providing media, insights, and marketing to key sectors of travel.It is my main source to learn all things travel.


Phocuswright | Slow Travel StoryPhocuswright delivers qualitative and quantitative research on the evolving dynamics that influence travel, tourism and hospitality distribution.


These are some of global professional travel network that you should check! You can join and participate on events, meet like minded people, find job opportunities, and build relationship with professionals in the tourism and hospitality space.



Travel Resource | Wonder TripperThis site connects with homeowners who rent out their house or apartment for travelers. With the comfort of a local home, this has been one of my choices to experience the culture first hand. If you sign-up using the link here, you’ll get $20 off your first stay!


Accommodation website for hotel and hostel in the world. When in Indonesia or Asia, in general, I always use this company. They got the best rates!


One of the OTA with the best rates for accommodation that I used.


Couchsurfing is a great way to save money and still experience living locally. It allows you to connect with locals who will spare their spare rooms or couches for free. However, even though its free, always treat and respect your host. They’re the one who opens their house to you, so make sure you know and appreciate their rules.


World Nomads – I recommend World Nomads for almost all travelers. Their coverage is great and easy to report claims. As with all insurance, be sure to read the fine print and make sure it’s right for you.



Lyft logoOne of the biggest competitor of Uber. The car sharing app is one of the popular ones in US, and has great rate. I choose this over the other one. Now they have a partnership with Delta Airlines when you connected your mileage with Lyft. If you sign-up using the link here, you’ll get $15 off of your first ride in New York City!


In IndonesiaI’m originally from Indonesia, here are my recommendation for traveling in Indonesia or Asia when you’re in the region.


Traveloka is the go-to site to find the best airline price in Indonesia. You can easily book a ticket via a mobile app.  It comes in English too.



Visit.org Ambassador | Slow Travel StoryMy go-to site when going on a tour and travel more than a tourist. This awesome company let you book tours that focus on sustainable tourism, eco-tourism. Plus, the profit received goes back to the community.


World Nomads

I recommend World Nomads for almost all travelers. Their coverage is great and reporting claims is simple. As with all insurance, be sure to read the fine print and make sure it’s right for you.



My bag has survived the mountains, rainy seasons, and, tons of traveling in different weather. The Woman Fit feature is perfect for us ladies. For a petite like me, it is good to have the option of choosing sizes (S/M or L). However, it affects the space for about 1 to 2 liter. Check this link to find out how to pick the best carrier that fits your posture.

BUFF Headband
Great for outdoors! absorbs water or sweat fast. Its versatile! can be worn as a scarf, bandanna, headband, hat, facemask or wristband.



They do the math for you. Travel expense calculation just got easier. Highly recommended for someone who’s traveling with friends. This app makes tracking expense and dividing very easy. For US, you can connect this with Paypal and Venmo so it get more easier to pay back your friend.

I have used Kindle for more than 3 years as my primary ebook. I believe it is the most convenient way to have thousand books in my pocket. Currently I use the Kindle Voyage edition. The built in light feature is my favorite. I highly recommend the product for someone who likes to read at night. Previously I used the PaperWhite version before changing to the Voyage. For me the specs is almost the same, apart from the adaptive light sensor and page press. If you want the affordable one I suggest you choose the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi  for $119. But, if you’re a book nerd like me and can’t resist having the latest gadget then try the Kindle Voyage for $199


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