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Whenever I travel these are the companies I choose first. The list comprises of companies/travel gear I use and recommend. They’re the best deals you would not like to miss.

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Travel Web

Skift | Slow Travel Story


Skift is the largest industry intelligence platform providing media, insights, and marketing to key sectors of travel.It is my main source to learn all things travel.

Phocuswright | Slow Travel Story


Phocuswright delivers qualitative and quantitative research on the evolving dynamics that influence travel, tourism and hospitality distribution.

Travel Network

These are some of global professional travel network that you should check! You can join and participate on events, meet like minded people, find job opportunities, and build relationship with professionals in the tourism and hospitality space.


Travel Resource | Wonder Tripper

Travel Massive

This site connects with homeowners who rent out their house or apartment for travelers. With the comfort of a local home, this has been one of my choices to experience the culture first hand. Sign-up using this link, you’ll get $20 off your first stay!

Travel Resource | Wonder Tripper


Accommodation website for hotel and hostel in the world. When in Indonesia or Asia, in general, I always use this company. They got the best rates!

Travel Resource | Wonder Tripper

One of the OTA with the best rates for accommodation that I used.