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Brooklyn, NYC | Slow Travel Story

This year mark my 2nd year of sharing my travel stories through Wonder Tripper blog. I never thought I would have the dedication to updating my blog regularly. In other words, this website is my baby. Who would have thought there’s an audience for my weird and quirky travel story. Travel guides or information yes! But just shared stories?! That was a surprise. Along with this journey, I met many inspiring people who’ve helped grow my blog and myself personally as ones whose dive into the tourism industry. The decision to continue my studies in New York, taking Tourism Management, somewhat because of these positive people. Then I realize with the constant travel I’ve done, what I like the most is traveling slowly. This means that I don’t have to tick off the tourist destination in one trip. Traveling is not about the destinations, but it’s about what happened before arriving at the destination. Learning and meeting new people are what my fondest travel memories are. The conversation I’ve gained while adjusting my time at Burning Man, random events I attended just because it’s free, or one of the not so good memories of traveling solo, was when my bank suddenly decided to block my debit and credit card in the UK (with no cash in hand!). These moments are what shape my travel. Fleeting (random) moment in NYC that put a smile on my face.

Shabrina Koeswologito | Slow Travel Story
Photo by: MG Young Photography

What is Slow Travel?

Recently I wrote about what is Slow Travel. The article formulate on my two cents of Slow Travel and other bloggers that have tried and tested traveling slowly (read the article here: 20 Reason Why You Should Try Slow Travel..Tried and Tested by Travellers and Bloggers) Essentially Slow Travel are about:

  • Do Less.
  • Wander aimlessly
  • Saving more money
  • Be spontaneous
  • Explore less touristy area
  • Having a new skill. A LOT of skill
  • It’s about letting go of your fear and
  • opening your heart.
  • and so much more.

What This Blog About?

Travel story, guides, and tricks dedicated to slow travel and women. Why women? I want to share how to travel; especially solo women are achievable. Of course, there’s several hindrances we might face and culture resistance, but with travel it open to valuable life lesson and doors of opportunity. I want to share my tricks how I get to go with the small budget yet gain the most benefit.

So, here it goes…the new blog. Slow Travel Story. Where you can find travel stories, guides, and tricks for women.

Shabrina Koeswologito

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