Slow Travel to Sydney, 5 days itinerary worth to check out

Melbourne Opera House

Are you planning to visit Australia any soon? Well, you might want to pick which city you want to land first. I mean, Australia is a vast country. There are many cool places to check out, from the stunning Ayers Rock, hipster vibes in Melbourne, to the small yet beautiful island of Tasmania.

One thing for sure, you can’t miss Sydney. Sydney would be the perfect starting point. Many flights from around the world bound to Sydney; then, you can make your way to other cities or states in Australia.

So, let’s check out what Sydney has to offer. I lived in Sydney for almost a year doing work and holiday in Australia. Pretty much, I’ve explored the corner of the city. Five days are perfect enough to see the best of Sydney. 

Getting around Sydney is pretty convenient as well; the Central Business District (CBD) is not so big so that you can explore the city on foot. There’re buses, trains, and even trams, so worry not about transportation. 

Here are my five days itinerary without any rush to enjoy the city!

The best location to book your accommodation is around Central Station because it’ll be easier to get around. 

Day 1:
Sydney Fish Market – Darling Harbor – Circular Quay – Milsons Point

sydney fish market

Alright, first day in Sydney. The excitement is kicking in for sure. I hope you’re ready to have lots of walks today. In the morning, you can get a quick brekkie, a cappuccino, and toast from many coffee shops nearby.

Catch a bus or tram to Pyrmont. You’ll arrive in one of the biggest seafood markets in Australia, Sydney Fish Market. This market is quite impressive. You can see fresh seafood such as codfish, Alaskan crabs, oysters sold in the market, or the cooked version that you can buy and taste. 

You can get a seafood platter, fried, grilled, or even fresh. I’m sure your tummy would be spoiled here. Perfect stop for lunch. 

Done adoring the market, walk to Darling Harbor, which is not far from the market. You can chill for a bit here, maybe visiting the garden, or just watching street performers busking. 

Next, walk to Circular Quay to see the infamous Sydney Opera House. It’s always lovely to walk around the quay because it’s very lively and bustling. If you happen to be there on Sunday, there will be a pop-up Sunday market around circular quay with loads of food, clothes, and fresh local products. 

Spend some time to check out the Museum of Contemporary Art. Few hours before sunset, well, depends on which season you’re visiting. In summer the sun sets later, around 8 p.m. So, adjust a few hours before and walk across the Harbor Bridge to Luna Park. 

There’s a small park or spot called Milsons Point. It’s best to see the sunset with the background of the bridge, Opera House, and the skyscrapers in Sydney. Let’s call it a day and prepare for the next day. 

  • Light Rail from Central — Sydney Fish Market 
  • Train from Milsons Point (Line T1 or T9) – Central

Milsons Point, Australia

Day 2:
Blue Mountains

Make your way to Central Station and take the train to Katoomba early. The journey takes about 2 hours, so prepare yourself with some snacks to savor on the train. Transfer with a bus to Echo Point, and you’ll arrive in the Blue Mountains. 

The Blue Mountains have this rugged kind of scenery with some walking trails that you can do. Take the path to the Three Sisters or do Prince Henry Cliff Walk. You’ll spend almost a day here. 

For dinner, you can check out Spice Alley where there’re food stalls, and the price is not so bad. Otherwise, if it’s Friday, you can go to China Town and check out the night market.

  • Train from Central (Blue Mountains Line Platform 7) – Katoomba + Bus 686 – Echo Point

Blue Mountains Sydney

Day 3:
Explore CBD

Today will be a bit more relaxing, although still lots of walking. Sit and chill in a café for breakfast. Then from Central, follow George Street and walk up to Town Hall then Queen Victoria’s Building. 

Keep going; you’ll see Sydney Tower Eye; if you’re interested, you can go up to the tower. If not, keep walking, and you’ll be in Martin Place. Around here is the shopping area in Sydney. A lot of shopping malls, fashion stores, and it’s nice to see people walking here. 

Not far from the shopping area, there’s a big park called Hyde Park. You can chill a bit or get to St. Mary Cathedral. You can take the train back to Central or walk back if you still have energy. 

  • Train from St. James Station – Central 


Day 4:
Coogee to Bondi 

Beach time! Get a bus from Central to Coogee Beach. From here, you can do the coastal walk from Coogee Beach till Bondi Beach passing some beautiful beaches such as Tamarama Beach, Bronte, Cemetery, and many beautiful sights along the way.

It’s my favorite walk. The walk is 6 km long, so you can stop in between, swim for a bit, then move to another beach, until you get to Bondi. 

  • Bus 374 from Central Stand C- Coogee Beach
  • Bus 333/380 from Bondi Beach – Bondi Junction – Train T4 (Eastern Suburb Platform 24) Central

Bondi Beach Australia

Day 5:
Manly Beach 

On your last day, I suggest taking things slow.  You can enjoy the slow day at Circular Quay and catch a ferry to Manly Beach. Then you can go back to the city, check out the Opera House for the last time, and that’s it. You’ve seen the best in Sydney!

  • Train from Central  (T2 Platform 1) – Circular Quay – Ferry to Manly

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