Know What It’s Like To Get Varieties of Indonesian Dishes Easily?

If you’re too busy, especially young professionals who have to be always mobile, then eating in a mall food court is one of the fastest alternative. However, most food court would not only focus on Indonesian food only. There will be many choices of food from different region. So, where can I get a good quality of Indonesian food but with fast service? Have you heard about Urban Kitchen?. Well, Urban Kitchen is a name that has been around for more than half a decade. One of the first who take a simple food court concept into soething with style and cool factor. Now, Urban Kitchen finally rejuvenate all their service and looks beginning at Pacific Place outlet. As the first to do the cashless system, where visitor would get card for their personal billing system. You won’t need to worry about the hassle of splitting bills. Also, there would be servers that would bring your food to your table. Not like a normal food court commonly visitors has to wait and bring their food by themselves. However, during peak hours – lunch or dinner time – taken from my experience there would be a little delay as they’re very busy. But, not too worry they won’t forget your order.

Walking into the newly face interior you will notice the cool neon light with the UK initial on the wall. In the kitchen, the food serves here divided into 2 category, International Fare and Waroeng Seratus Hari. The International Fare is divided into 4 section. First, Hong Kong barbercue section where you will find several the country popular dishes such as roast duck and dimsums. While the Western section are famous with the pastas and pizza. Especially the New York style 65cm pizza slice. I bet you would be very full to eat it ;). The reccomendation pizza topping are the Meat lovers and the Hawaiian slices. Next is the Thailand section. Don’t forget to try the all time favorite dish, Pad Thai. Finally the Japanese section features fresh salmon sashimi (yes, this is super delicious) and popular sushi. Also, you will find Korean food such as Bibimbap here too.

Waroeng Seratus Hari or 100 Days Small Shops is where you would find some of the best Indonesian dishes. Why 100? because the UK team decided to excite people by serving different Indonesian dishes every 100 days. The chef would personally pick and choose different menu to be serve for the next 100 days to satisfy Indonesians pallate. I personally think, as a local, their Indonesian dishes is really good. Cook with all ingredients that are fresh and focus on all details. When I tried the Soto Banjar, a chicken soup from south of Kalimantan island its very fresh as the chicken broth is quite heavy, full of chicken, and filled with potato meatball, boiled egg, white little string noodles. Their dessert, such as Es Podeng (Ice Podeng) – coconut ice cream mix with bread, avocado, peanuts, condensed milk, jelly, and top chocolate sprinkles – is very yummy. Perfect way to eat during hot season or as a dessert.

The Famous Urban Kitchen Black Card
The Famous Urban Kitchen Black Card

I believe the Urban Kitchen management success on bringing food court to a new level. For you, young proffesionals who always on the go, I reccomend this place for you to get a quick lunch and dinner or even set your lunch meeting here with your colleague from abroad to introduce the deliciousness of Indonesian food.

foodisme card (Courtesy photo: Dachi & Dea from visitdachidea.blogspot.com)
Foodisme card (Courtesy photo of: Dachi & Dea from visitdachidea.blogspot.com)


Finally, Urban Kitchen is partner with Foodisme card – a membership culinary card – where you would get 20% dicount every time you spend a minimum IDR 100,000. Promotion would start from December 2014 till 2015. So, what are you waiting for? let’s eat!


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Website: www.urbankitchen.co.id

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