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Jeannette Ceja, Slow Travel Story

Jeannette Ceja combined her love for travel and media into a global brand Jet Set with Jeannette. A bilingual Travel Journalist, Travel Host, Travel Consultant and a Global Public Speaker based in Los Angeles, she’s the go-to Travel Expert for high-profile clients and media outlets around the nation. She covers Luxury Travel, Female Travel & Diversity (Latin) Travel. “It’s my personal and professional mission to inspire the public to travel,” said Jeannette.

Just this year, she was the Official Travel Host for The World Woman Summit at The Clinton Presidential Center where she won “Travel Host of The Year.” And she was named a Power Player by Angeleno Magazine. Additionally, she was the host for The New York Travel Festival and The Impact Travel Immersion Global Conference. She created a series of sold-out workshops for the modern Female Solo Traveler.

There can be obstacles and setbacks as an entrepreneur along the way, but if you are in it for the long haul, you will keep going when it gets tough.

Can you share what your day-to-day looks like as a TV Host and a Travel Journalist?

Every day is different. I can be in a different city, state or country. Just depends on what assignment I am working on at the moment. A lot of the time I can be with a crew, photographer or on a plane writing. But as much as I love to travel, I also love to be home reading a book with a glass of wine. Or spending time with my family.

As a TV Host: What are three things people might not know about being an entrepreneur in the media and tourism space?

First, that your dream has to be bigger than yourself. There can be obstacles and setbacks as an entrepreneur along the way, but if you are in it for the long haul, you will keep going when it gets tough. Second, always work on your mindset and skills set. It’s crucial to recognize how you can add value and be of service in your industry.  Third, if someone does not give you a job. You can always create an opportunity. I made the interviews with Samantha Brown and Rick Steves possible because I asked many media outlets until I got a yes!

Jeannette Ceja

What are the most significant challenges, as a woman, holding a high- powered position like you?

As a woman, I am always mindful when I travel especially if I am alone. I always research the culture of the country that I will visit as a sign of respect.

What are 3 favorite questions you always ask when interviewing celebrity or people in the tourism space?

I love to ask: Why is travel so important to you? What advice would you give someone who has a big dream? What does success mean to you?  

What advice do you have for aspiring women travel reporters trying to break in? It seems there are fewer paying reporting jobs these days and it’s harder to find work.

I come from a media background where I worked as a reporter for almost ten years in the news and entertainment industry. But, I only pursued a degree in Journalism specifically to be a travel journalist. I walked into the Dean’s office as a freshman and said, “I want to be a travel journalist. What do I need to do?” I will always be grateful for the late Thom Storey who guided me throughout my college years at Belmont University. He was more than just a professor. Thom was a mentor, friend and someone who always believed in me.

As a little girl, I remember watching Samantha Brown on The Travel Channel and telling my mother, “I want to be like her one day.” I want to be a positive role model for women and minorities in the world. Truly I feel there’s a need for more women and diversity. Now, is the time. I was just a Speaker at the 4th Annual Travel Unity Summit- Economic Development through Diversity in New York.

Self-love and being of service were game changers for my dreams.

While I can only speak about my own journey and experiences as a travel journalist. I want everyone to know that they can achieve their dreams. There was no guide for me at the time. I made many mistakes, failed, and even doubted myself on the way. Social media did not exist. And I had to learn how to hustle and create opportunities when I transitioned full-time to the travel industry. I am a big believer that if your heart is in it for the right reasons, you can overcome any obstacles or setbacks on the way. Self-love and being of service were game changers for my dreams.

Which 3 books that changed your life?

I love to read so much. It’s hard to narrow down. But, the three books that changed my life were: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, You.Are.The.One by Kute Blackson and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Answer this: I’m fortunate to have interviewed…

Jeannette Ceja with Anthony Bourdain , Slow Travel StoryI am forever grateful to have interviewed the late Anthony Bourdain. He was more than a just a celebrity. I grew up watching him on The Travel Channel like millions of viewers. He was a one-of-a-kind person. The impact that he had on my personal and professional life was significant. His work and dedication inspired me to be a storyteller. And he left a legacy in the travel industry.





You can follow Jeannette Ceja on her website www.jetsetwithjeannette.com, Twitter, and Instagram.   

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