I love Beach! Why I fell In Love With The Beaches In Semau Island, Kupang – Indonesia

I love Beach! Why I fell In Love With The Beaches In Semau Island, Kupang – Indonesia | Wonder Tripper

More than 17,000 islands. That’s the phrase most Indonesian would associate with the size of the country. Well, approximately 17.504 islands to be exact . Indonesia is known as the biggest archipelagic country in the world. The number of islands spread from Sabang to Merauke, would make 95,181 km coastline putting it at 4th place in the world after Canada, USA, and Russia.

It’s known Indonesia has the most beautiful beaches in the world. From the city of Bali that is always mistaken by foreigners as Indonesia to the best diving spot in Raja Ampat. If you tell your foreigner friend these names; Bali, Lombok, Yogyakarta, or even Surabaya, they would somehow know these big cities. However, how about if you said “Kupang”? I bet they would not have a clue.

Kupang is located in NTT Island. The travel time would need you to make a short transit in Bali, Surabaya, or Flores. In this unknown yet beautiful city, discover the beautiful beaches in Kupang. Take in pristine beach landscapes in the heart of the island such as Tablolong, Kolbano, and Oetune beach.

I love Beach! Why I fell In Love With The Beaches In Semau Island, Kupang – Indonesia | Wonder TripperMy ever-changing love for beautiful beach and Indonesia is what forces me to challenge myself to find more exotic beaches. And I’m in awe when I set myself for the first time in Semau Island. As our tour group from ASITA (Association of Indonesia Tour and Travel Agencies) said, “Get of the beaten track and experience Semau beautiful beaches”. You need to take motorcycle to Tenau Harbor, continue for 30 minutes by boat, and another 1.5 hours by motorcycle to reach the first beach we planned to see, Otan Beach. And to go back to the harbor in Semau takes 2.5 hours. I wonder between those long and difficult journey what I can do to give my contribution to Indonesia.

That’s Kupang. There is something for every traveler’s dream here. There are beaches, mountain, hills, waterfalls, great rock formation, exotic food, old church, art, and the best is the welcome smile of the people. So, sometimes to experience the best you have to want to step out of your comfort zone.

I Love Beach!

Reaching from one place to another demands effort, every part of Kupang has its energy, and you can feel that as you walk the beaten track of Semau. The air and sound of crushing waves has a certain magic feeling to it. The white and brownish color of the houses matches the surroundings of the island.

I believe people would start to come, enjoying the scene, trying to be a part of the rising tourism – or start to find a way to earn profit from it. It’s just a matter of how fast publicity and word of mouth goes.

For now, only the craziest yet bravest traveler and the locals in Semau would enjoy the picturesque beach and rocky shores for themselves.

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  1. Hahaha,,, Kalau dari Indoensia yang dikenal memang cuman Bali, Jogja, dan Lombok yaw kak,,, padahal kan masih banyak tempat menarik yang perlu dikunjungi salah satunya ini. Aku aja sampai ngimpi kapan bisa ke NTT. Kupang tentunya tidak ketinggalan dong,,,

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