[How do you define Happiness?] Thoughts on Happiness from The US

[How do you define Happiness?] Thoughts on Happiness from The US | Wonder Tripper

Original thoughts for Happiness can be found on my previous article: How do you define Happiness? This is an ongoing project about Happiness. There will be no specific time deadline (new input is greatly appreciated).

The goal is to get thoughts / input from at least 1 person from each country in the world. Current # countries in the world are 196.

Happiness to me is about looking at everything you have now and realize how lucky you are to have all those things no matter where you are in life. – Eljay Aguillo, Founder of WHY I LOVE NEW YORK CITY

Happiness is when I can share my inspiration. I like that here in Instagram I can share what I like and what I Inspire. And when I go back to Brazil, it’s different. Like the market for startup or entrepreneurship is not there yet. But here When I’m building Instagram I can share and it makes me happy. – MIKE KRIEGER, CO FOUNDER INSTAGRAM

(Met at MSNBC 7 days of genius event)

Mike Krieger, [How do you define Happiness?] Thoughts on Happiness from The US | Wonder TripperHappiness is that moment when you cannot help but smile. It could happen when sitting at a park, talking to a close friend, locking eyes with your lover, watching an awe-inspirational movie, or even just drinking a cup of tea. Happiness strikes when all of the madness of life because secondary, and the only thing that matters is the present moment and nothing more. That is happiness. – ARIEL VIERA, FOUNDER URBANIST LIVE

Happiness is a long term state. Balance and Gratitude brings happiness. 1) Having “enough” brings true happiness but having too “little” or too “much” of anything thing makes things unbalanced. 2) Gratitude is the key. The more one is grateful, the more one is happy. – GEORGETTE JAMES

Happiness to me is being surrounded by friends and family. Whether it is a small dinner, huge party, or a vacation together. Being around my husband and those who we consider dear to us is my happiness. Whether I am surrounded by a lot of people or just my husband the happiness is the same. Love makes the world go round and love is what makes me the happiest. – Kailey Sitzman

Happiness is a decision. It’s taking a moment in time and saying, “I’m OK with this, right now, and I couldn’t want anything more.” – Kristin Addis, Be My Travel Muse

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