How do you define Happiness?

I always wonder whether a person happy or not and what made them feel happy.  How would they define their happiness? According to Webster dictionary the term Happiness translated to:

a :  a state of well-being and contentment

b :  a pleasurable or satisfying experience

Yet, happiness is not the same with others. There are times I encounter a person who are not happy even tough they have everything money, career, fame, and family. I wonder what’s wrong with them. Clearly their life must be perfect yet they told me they are not happy. This easy question yet very difficult to answer dawns on me while I’m doing my final project for college. It struck me while I’m in deep stress knowing I wouldn’t make to my graduation on time while all my peers are finished with their thesis already. There are times I’m stuck in traffic while driving by myself I started to cry or just seeing my friends talk about how their thesis goes well would really pissed me off.

Hence, I try my best to feel happy or content. Through reading books and asking friends, teacher, or colleagues the question “How Do You Define Happiness” I then find my closure.

Happiness for I does not come on its own. It does not come from outside variables such as money, friends, career, fame, or praise. Yet, it’s a state of mind. You have to believe that happiness comes from within. It comes from inside you. Your heart that where it comes. From here you can feel the true form of happiness.

I would continuously update this article every time I meet someone new and share his or her view on Happiness. The goal is to get thoughts / input from at least 1 person from each country in the world. Current # countries in the world are 196. If your thoughts on Happiness would like to be featured in the blog, you’re welcome to drop me a mail to: k.shabrina@gmail.com.

Below are thoughts divided by countries from friends, fellow travel blogger, colleagues, and many more that contribute their ways of seeing Happiness.

Happiness list of countries:

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