Go rafting in Citarik this rainy season

[This article has been published before by JakPost Travel on 27th Jan, 2015]

I think most of us would admit that living in Jakarta can be quite stressful, what with the constant traffic and lack of green space. If you’re into outdoor activities, one way to get out of the city is to go rafting in Sukabumi, West Java. Rafting is an activity in which one uses inflatable rafts to navigate river currents. It is commonly practiced on rivers that have different strengths of current.

One of Sukabumi’s most famous sites for rafting is the Citarik River. Stretching approximately 12 kilometers and blessed with many rock formations, this river is a perfect place to get your rafts out. However, for someone who does not have any experience in navigating a raft on a rough body of water, it is recommended to join trips provided by experienced adventure providers.

When deciding to do rafting in Citarik there are several providers, one of them is Kaki Langit Adventure Camp in Pajagan village, Citarik Sukabumi. Which has been around since 2001. Its rafting package requires a minimum of 10 people with three options available based on the length of the river; 5-kilometer (priced at Rp 225,000 [US$18]), 9-kilometer (Rp 295,000) and 12-kilometer (Rp 375,000). Each of these packages comes with welcome drinks, fresh coconut drinks, meals, rafting equipment, changing facilities, local transportation and, most importantly, insurance. Kaki Langit’s team will also take your photos at several site points, which you can purchase at the end of the trip. But do keep in mind that rafting is not for everyone. In general, this activity requires you to focus and follow the guide’s instructions.

Because of the many rocks and strong water current, it is quite easy to fall off the raft. When this happen, even though you will be wearing a life vest, you have to remain calm while positioning your body to float on the water and avoid hitting the rocks. Because of this danger, rafting is not for the faint-hearted or pregnant women. But if you feel confident enough, it is recommended to visit Citarik for rafting during the rainy season when the rapids are at their most rapid. In the summer, because of the lack of rain, the river recedes and the current is weaker. You do not need to worry while rafting in Citric, since the service providers will let you know beforehand whether the water is safe or not for rafting during the day. Also, every raft will be accompanied by one trained instructor to guide and help you experiencing the best of this challenging activity.

Kaki Langit Adventure Camp



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