Get Food delivery? Let’s Go-Food It by GoJek

If you’ve heard about GoJek Indonesia you must be familiar with their tagline:


An Ojek For Every Need


GO-JEK is a technology based transportation and courier industry in Indonesia. The company claims there are over 4,000 ojek partners ready to fulfill people need on getting a fast and reliable transportation and courier service. Established in 2011 as an innovative social entrepreneurship the founder vision was to disrupt the current transportation industry. According to Nadiem Makarim the founder and CEO, Go-Jek was based on 3 core values, which are Speed, Innovation, and Social Impact. To date, Go-Jek has spread its wings to other cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bali, and Bandung with approximately 3,000 riders, 500 riders, and 300 riders respectively. The next city GoJek aim to open its service is in Surabaya.

On 8th April 2015, GoJek introduced its latest feature, GO-FOOD that created to cater the food delivery service in busy Jakarta. The app lets you to order food from more than 15,000 restaurants divided into 23 categories. From the new restaurant in the city to your legendary street stall in the neighbourhood. To save our time, GO-FOOD claimed all food order would be delivered to your doorstep in less than an hour. Now in the promotion period, GO-FOOD app is giving for free delivery service charge. Hence, every time your order food via GO-FOOD you will not get charge for the delivery service.

Nadiem Makarim, a Harvard graduate who believe Indonesia's transportation system can be so much more
Nadiem Makarim, a Harvard graduate who believe Indonesia’s transportation system can be so much more

The company also gives neutral and fair service to the Ojek riders. To enhance the Social Impact of their partners (ojek rider), Go-Jek apply a profit-sharing mechanism, which is 80% for the ojek rider and 20% for GoJek. In return, all partners are encouraged to be fair to other ojek partner. It is prohibited a fellow Ojek to not follow the operational procedure. For example, ojek rider who go behind the company in securing a customer such as asking the customer to order through the him rather than using the app first, will be penalized. The management states this strict rule to ensure all partners are treated fair and it protects the community.

Go-Jek Team!
Go-Jek Team!

Want to know more? Check out below the step of ordering food straight from GO-FOOD application.

Step 1: Download the Go-Jek app in Apple Store or Android Store. Then, if you want to have food delivered to you choose the option Food Delivery


Step 2: Choose restaurants Near you or Pick restaurants you prefer

Activate your GPS in your phone setting and see the various restaurants nearby. Then, choose the preferred restaurant or warung. Another way is to use the Search bar and find places to eat. To make it more easy, you can choose from many food categories such as Aneka Nasi (Rice Dish), Bakmie (Noodle), Aneka Ayam & Bebek (Chicken and Duck Dish), Sate (Satay), and many more. Next, Go-Food would display restaurants in Jakarta that fall under the chosen category.

Step 3: Pick your restaurant and select your delicious food

Pick your delicious food
Pick your delicious food

Here I choose to try food from Dapur Kuliner in Patra Jasa Building. Click the button Food or Drinks to see the restaurant has to offer.

Step 4: Order, choose payment method, and get it delivered to you!

As I’m a huge fan of grill ribs, I picked the famous Grill Ribs and Sour Spicy Ribs. Next, you can input where this food should be sent too. Do not forget to put details such as name of building, landmark, or any specific to help the Go-Jek driver find your place. To process your order, pick your payment method either cash, Go-Jek credit or corporate pin. Finally, now its time to wait for your food to be delivered to your doorstep.

Also, I want to share good news. Go-Jek has a referral program to give to you best readers. Just input referral code “542553991” to receive free credit of IDR 50,000 on your first time use. Lets spread the Go-Jek love!

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