Fill your weekend by learning coffee cupping at Kopikina, Jakarta

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Coffee industry in Indonesia’s biggest cities gained influence from what it called the Third Wave Coffee Culture. These phenomenon started to gain popularity since 1990s in United States, which around the year 2000 it became a serious industry. These culture is focus on how we see coffee as an artisanal food, where consumers are intrigued by the different taste levels of coffee, especially Arabica coffee. Nowadays, this trend is spreading fast in Indonesian since 2007. Combining with the fact that Indonesia is the 3rd largest coffee producer in the world and 33 out of 34 Indonesian provinces has coffee plantation, the coffee industry here is very interesting for coffee lover who want to pursue business in this sector.

The owner of Kopikina,Cornelius Swangga (Angga) focus on providing the best coffee bean selection for customers. There are 70 single origin coffee choices from Indonesia and focusing on 3 coffee species; Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. To maintain its quality, all beans were roasted in small quantity. Hence, coffee won’t be stored for too long. On the other hand, Kopikina serves hand crafted coffee where brewing process comes manually and without the use of electric machine.

When I went there I got to try coffee cupping. According to Angga, for people who’s not an expert in coffee, the first time you taste coffee is not to swallow it directly but it’s better to keep the coffee linger in your mouth and try to taste from the side and back of your tongue. I had a chance to do coffee cupping of several coffee species such as Sumbing Temanggung, Gunung Arjuno, Paiai Moanemani, Toraja Marinding Arabica, Bali Kintamani, Sumatra Mandheling, and Sumatra Sipirok. To become a Connoisseur or someone who has the ability to know a character of food or drink, in this case, Coffee Connoisseur, can be described as someone who not only love coffee but understand it’s characteristic. There are 5 simple ways on becoming a Coffee Connoisseur. First, drink coffee without sugar or any added ingredient such as milk. Secondly, try every kinds of coffee you can find. Then, Try coffee from different origin. After that, try drinking coffee that has come through different brewing method. Finally, when you can distinguish easily the each coffee characteristic then try to blend different coffee species to get your favorite blend.

Spreading about how Indonesia is very abundance with coffee selection is not easy. Therefore, Kopikina hold regular coffee cupping event at their outlet located at  Jl. KH Abdullah Syafei, Tebet, Jakarta, every Saturday 3PM, free of charge. Then, continue by discussion session with the owner or Kopikina barista itself. For guest who’s interested in learning how to make latte art or learn how to brew coffee, the owner, Angga is very welcome to teach you.

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