Fantastic 2016 in Photos and the Plan for 2017

Fantastic 2016 in Photos | Slow Travel Story

Fantastic 2016 in Photos | Slow Travel StoryIn 2016, I moved to New York City to take my master degree in M.S Tourism Management. It’s a life-changing experience, and now I still can’t wait to see what New York and the world has to offer. There were some challenges such as felt lonely in the city where more than 10 million resides, finding and believing in my voice (thanks to Burning Man!), and keep up with school and career. Yes, I’m not a full-time blogger, I believe I never will. It might be that I like to enjoy my travel more than document it. But, I realized this year that I prefer slow traveling more than anything else (Read: The Big Change to Slow Travel Story).

To end the fantastic 2016, here are the best photos of my 2016 according to Instagram. However, several of the photos were not taken in 2016 because I posted as a #throwback. To my surprise, it got the most Likes and Comments. Thank you guys!

Where I will and (hope) to be in 2017

Regarding travel, There are plans to go to Disneyland Orlando this January and hopefully fulfill my long time dream to go to Iceland in March. I’m still finding travel mate if anyone interested? ;). Moreover, most importantly, the school still calling me out. I will continue my study until May 2017, then once finish (yeay to graduation!), let’s see the next plan. Either staying in the US or go back home. Whichever it is, I know it’s going to be a new awesome journey!

  1. Top of the Rock. Rockefeller Plaza

This photo was taken when I accompanied a friend round around in New York. It was a very productive day where we managed to fit Top of Rock, the Ice Rink, Washington Square Park, and the ferry boat at East River. Also, we had a very quick lunch while visited New York University.


2. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. Bali, Indonesia

This photo actually a throwback photo. I missed Indonesia at the moment and I decided to post this. To my surprise many people like it. The photo was taken in 2014 where I traveled with my host sister from Brazil, whom I haven’t seen in 6 years.

3. Santa Con, New York City


The weekend leading to Christmas was the annual Santa Con event. People dressed up as Santa, elf, or only wear Christmas costume for the sole purpose of bar hopping. Starts early till night! It was a weird sight looked people in costume (drunk) happily in the city

4. Kupang, NTT Indonesia

This photo was a throwback where I was grateful to travel with 12 Indonesians travel bloggers to promote ASITA Kupang. A tourism government association to develop East Indonesia. When you visit there, be awestruck with its beautiful beaches. Read all the journey: 4 Days Traveling to Beautiful Kupang & Why I Fell in Love with Semau Beach in Kupang.

5. The Washington Monument. Washington DC, USA

Second time visited the capital. It was one of my random trip due to the overwhelming assignments. So, to celebrate Thanksgiving and finished midterms I thought a random quick getaway was appropriate. 😉

6. The Highlands. Scotland, UK

Wow just wow! The view of the never ending fields and history blow my mind. I spent mostly doing solo traveling across the UK. As one of the most expensive country in the world, I was lucky to have friends and family living there so I can crash their place. Also, be in the country where Brexit happened. Such historical moment!

7. Union Square Station. New York, USA


Post-election, there was a shocked period in New York City. I think it’s still going on now. It’s a very different experienced watching and experiencing how the whole city shocked with the result of the election. The next day, the city felt so dreadful. There’s a dark feeling to it. And one understands that it’s the time to feel it all. This photo was taken in Union Square Station where people express feelings, concerns, and opinions about the country.

8. Alnwick Castle, UK

My 3 weeks trip in the UK showed me a great deal of the country. I never thought I love slow travel so much. 3 weeks of planned easily and sometimes I admit carelessly, which led me without any money in Bath, UK because of my ATM and credit card blocked by the bank. Whoops! (Read: My Perfect Slow 3 Weeks Itinerary).

9. View of Trinity Church from LOTTE New York Palace, New York


As one of the projects for class, was I had to learn about hotel sales management. This photo was taken inside one of LOTTE New York Palace rooms. Famous as a “hotel within a hotel” this property I admit is one of the best places to stay in New York. And it was the place where the famous Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen live in Gossip Girl TV Series.

See you soon 2017!…..

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