[Event] A Chance To Know Other Foodies While Learning About Tabula Rasa Film From The Crew Itself

Zomato, an online restaurant finder based in India is close to celebrating its 1st year anniversary in Jakarta – Indonesia market. An online portal where anyone can search for dine-out places, café’s, nightlife / bar, and delivery service. As a foodie nothing is better than sharing your culinary experience with fellow foodies too. Zomato regularly hold a Foodie Meet Up event where foodies can network and bond with like-minded people. The 4th Zomato Foodie Meetup in Jakarta was held at Yo’Panino. Check out my other post about previous foodie meetup at Crematology (1st), BrentwooD Grill Steak BISTRO (2nd). Collaborating with Tabula Rasa Film, the meetup is a combination of casual networking and sharing insights with the crew – Lala Timothy (Producer) and Adriyanto Dewo (Director). So, without further ado I will breakdown all activities and knowledge I gain from this special foodie meetup.


Tabula Rasa Film

“Makanan adalah iktikad baik untuk bertemu”

The tagline for Tabula Rasa film can translated to Food is a good faith to meet with people. The movie plot is revolve around a boy from Papua named Hans. A young man from Serui, Papua, has a dream of becoming a professional football player. Yet fate has a different agenda, when Hans almost loses his will to live he meets Mak, owner of a humble Minangnese restaurant (lapau). In the midst of their differences, Hans and Mak find their similarities. Dreams and the passion for living are once more ignited in Hans through food and cooking—food is the goodwill that unites them.

The movie character itself speaks 60% Minang language from West Sumatra tribe. Hence, you will see Indonesian subtitle because not all Indonesian peoples know how to speak it (well, the Minang people or someone who’s born in Minang generation supposed to know it). A big applause to the main actors who’s successfully made us believes with their dialect and fluent Minang language despite not coming from Minang background; they’re from Makassar and Sundanese. Minang food has a rich flavor and structure therefore it is not easy to capture the beauty in Minang food. Tabula Rasa crew had to rent a special camera to capture the beauty of the food. I promise you moviegoers that you will crave for Minang food after watching this movie. So, let’s watch the movie now!

tabula rasa

Yummy Food from Yo’Panino

Yo’Panino is all about crafting the perfect panino. Their mission, combining with gung-ho determination and precision is to bring glorious Asian-Inspired sandwiches to the world.

Yo’Panino was developed in Singapore and now ready to serve foodies in Indonesia. You can found their outlet in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.

At Zomato Meetup we’re treated with light bites before watching the Tabula Rasa film and dinner with Yo’Panino’s signature sandwiches you can pick. As a picky sandwich eater myself I find Yo’Panino sandwich is delicious. Their buns/bread is different and you can’t find it easily. Their sandwich filling is full and the size is very generous. One sandwich is enough for me. Yo’Panino also serve cold pressed juice where you can taste more than 10 flavors of mix pressed juices. It’s really fresh! And they name it in a quirky way such as Energiser Bunny, Beet It Immunity Builder, and R&R. I highly recommend their juices for you to try.

The awesome crowds

It’s really nice to meet with fellow foodies, bloggers, and Anne – the founder of Indonesian Food Blogger. At first, I thought it would be awkward as not everyone knows each other but I guess I’m wrong. By the time we sat and introduce ourselves to other foodie sitting beside us, conversation comes naturally.

Here’s the delicious list of foodies / food bloggers attended the event: Cha ChaPrathama GilangAnne (Indonesian Food Blogger)Dandy IrawanRevi MaudyAstrid Enricka (Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia)HenryMeidiTeppyNatashaDian AnggrainiVicki RianaYusuf ChristianYovita AnantoHafiizh AlfarrisiWilliam SudhanaEka NoviantyMumunVira

Tips & Trick:

Tabula Rasa



Data as of September 2014

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