Do you want to get involved in the #slowtravelstories community? Simply email k.shabrina@gmail.com with your ideas and we will get back to you asap! Here are some ways in which you can contribute:

Ways To Contribute

Submit a Travel Story
Share a personal experience or a lesson you learned during your travels.

Submit an Insider Guide

We’re focusing on slow traveling guide. The guide must be an evergreen content. For example, an  itinerary guide for more than 1 week of travel in a particular city or country. You can pick any destination and share some insight on your favorite angle, be it culinary guide, photography guide, best places to visit, etc.


Do you presented your travel writing in the form of a list? If you do, please share it! Initially it’s a minimum of 10 lists. It can be about destination, activities, reccomendations, or personal lesson.


  • We are not currently paying for contributor posts but we will support stories by sharing it on our social media accounts.
  • Make sure you check your spelling, punctuation, grammar, and facts.