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15 things new york city would reveal as you start living in the city | Wonder Tripper

Where everyone flock this city no wonder New York is full of inspiring and talented people. From travel bloggers, fashion bloggers, event bloggers…the list is endless. After perusing many blogs about New York, here are my favorites to be shared with you.

Dating In New York


Because dating in NYC is not like anywhere else in the world. The endless choice of guys and girls in New York is what makes this city very different for dating. We believe the golden unicorn exists. Here, Sinderella takes you on a whirlwind adventure of dating life in the city. Here, in the city, not only girls have the problem with dating but guys too. And the concept of “ghosting” that we all New Yorker lovers have somewhat experienced it.

Blog About Neighborhood in NYC

Bowery Boogie

Bowery Boogie is a website that chronicles ONLY the happenings in Lower East Side. They categorize as detail as per the street name. Hence you would know the latest event in the area.

Washington Square Park Blog

Same as its name, its a website dedicated to the ins and out around the park. Its surprising this one park hold so many history and valuable events (sometimes free) for us local. One of the categories is Impact of Private Conservancies on City Parks, which they documented issues that arise when private entities rule public park. Must see!

Raising children in NYC

Love Taza

Photo credit: Lovetaza.com
Photo credit: Lovetaza.com

Naomi and Josh, manage to share the fun and challenging ways of raising children in New York. Their adventure with the little ones – Eleanor, Samson, and Conrad – is what makes this blog so much fun to read.

Daily Quirky New York Life

New York Cliche   

Mary Lane’s blog let you experience the daily life of a New Yorker. Quoting Mary it’s “A blog about trying to make it (and make out) in New York City”. The city’s cliche and real life experience about the city’s most difficult place for dating, she got it all.

Inspiration Of Why We Love New York City

Humans of New York

Started as a photography project by Brandon Stanton in 2010, now Humans of New York has published two books that are #1 New York Times Bestseller. Personally interviewing each person, Brandon managed to capture daily glimpses of New Yorker lives. Now, he expands his series of stories to more than 20 countries.

Why I Love New York City

Why I Love New York City is a photo documentary about love for New York City.  Eljay Aguillo successfully captures New Yorker real feelings of why this concrete jungle has changed their lives. The triumphs, the colorful days, and the hardships of living in New York City. More than 500 people have shared their views, and each one is one of a kind. You’ll be surprised of how living in this city can change your life.

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@Wonder_Tripper – “Coming from a country in Asia, there’s this common knowledge that New Yorkers are cold, they are mean, and they are brutal. My parents, friends and other family members have tried to persuade me to not move to New York, and as young as I was then, I felt like I had an obligation to really listen. They would always question how I can manage to make new friends in a new city, telling me that I won’t be able to survive, that it’s expensive and I won’t be able to afford anything, and that I’m going to get killed. Their comments got the best of me and it delayed me from coming to the city for quite a while. However, I did realize that if I did stay home just to make them happy, living in my comfortable life, it would have given them that satisfaction of them getting the best of me. Life wouldn’t have change on their end, but for me, I would have gone back to being restless like I always was. I didn’t want that. Arriving here in New York, all those words that I’ve listened to all my life completely vanished. Like any new transplant in the city, I needed help getting around the subway system. A random stranger helped me, even accompanying me to my destination. People actually held doors for me too! I also saw 3 random people helping an old lady get into a bus. This all happened in a short amount of time. There were nice people everywhere and it gave me complete satisfaction that my family and friends didn’t know what they were talking about. New Yorkers aren’t cold-hearted at all. They’re just really busy people. That’s my true honest opinion. They are friendly people with lots of respect for each other, in a strange way. I wanted to come to the city not to prove my family wrong, but just to simply see it for myself. Even though they had a huge impact of where I am today, the move really was for school and for me. I know how much a helping hand matters here in New York and I saw it all in that one day I needed it, but if my family and friends were supportive of me coming to New York from the start, I would never have seen how great New Yorkers really were.” Pic taken by @w57th in #MidtownWest

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Tracy’s New York Life

Living in New York can be quite complicated. The city has its way and rhythm that you need to follow. Began as a hobby in 2011 to document Tracy’s experiences in Manhattan, now this blog has evolved to lifestyle and travel blog bringing the best of living, food, and culture. The category “New Yorkers” on her blog shared information about what’s it like to live here, and also an article about what questions are ok to ask a New Yorker.

So just like Tracy’s said, “know how New Yorkers live, work, and play. Roam through NYC’s distinct neighborhoods and discover what’s unique about each. New York is, after all, a city of small towns.”

Fashion In New York

The Sartorialist

Photo credit: The Sartorialist
Photo credit: The Sartorialist

Founder/blogger/photographer, Scott Schuman work, has been featured in many important media such as GQ, Vogue Paris, and Vogue Italia. The Sartorialist began as an idea to create a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. Originally based in Paris but now in New York, Scott managed to captivate us with chic pedestrians around the world.

His work resides in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

We Wore What

Danielle Bernstein is a New York based blogger covers from fashion to interior design. Her style comes from every corner of New York. This personal blog now turns to successful design and fashion project with many brands alike.

The Refined Woman

Fashion meets the inspiring woman. Kat and Em both a fashion stylist in New York focuses on styling and sharing about inspiring woman. I love the Sexless in the City section. Empowering stories on the author’s experience of dating in NYC while maintaining her belief, that is to wait for sex until marriage.

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