An Adventure of Finding Glenn The Gem

The excruciating heat combined with the heaviness of my backpack does not do well after an 8 hours bus ride alone. I caught myself surrounded by busy strangers, street vendors trying to finish whatever they sell that day, the gaggle of kids running around. Finally, as I said to myself, I arrived at La Union.

Keen on finding my next adventure, a friend recommended me to visit this place due to its popularity of the waves among surfers yet I was awestruck. Besides waves there was only water with no currents and an empty beach on hot glistening sand. On the horizon a tiny figure standing upright at the sea. A woman paddling while trying to balance her petite figure on the surfboard. Little did I know I arrived on the wrong month of the year. The time of surfing competition had already passed. A dull sea had replaced the extraordinaire waves. I feel dejected. 

My first adventure of travelling solo has not met my high expectation. I regret not reading those articles from travel blogs explaining the downside of travelling solo.

I dragged myself through the hot beach to find my hostel. Surprisingly the locals have been very helpful every time I asked direction. I don’t know if my appearance looks very similar to a Filipino or they just took pity on me because I was so gloomy. After 30 minutes of wandering the area I found Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel. Upon arriving I was transfixed. The wooden hut with many plush beanbag, swings, bright color chandelier, and combine with the direct sunset view, I found myself giggling. At last something was right.

Time fly by so fast. It’s 9PM and I’ve finished my dinner. I know that going to bed is trivial. I encourage myself to greet everyone. When I stumble upon Glenn, the famous mixologist of the hostel. He constantly greeted by the guests and visitors who only come to eat dinner at the restaurant. His cheerful attitude carried me away. In no time, I’m carrying the special drink Glenn made me. I threw myself on the nearest beanbag I could find. Staring at the endless star, faded guitar tone in the background, and the quiet sea in front.

I often wondered that my experience was not new to other travelers. I’m sure if I come back I would arrange my adventure more thoroughly. Prioritizing when the waves high, the surfing competition is open, and extended my stay to at least one day extra. But, I feel relieved. Every time you’re on the road, a silver lining often comes. That day my silver lining was Flotsam and Jetsam, the artisan hostel and Glenn.

Accompanied by my new friend, I’m lost in the conversation with Glenn while sipping my drink called Glenn the gem.

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