A Hipster Day at Bushwick, NY

A Hipster Day at Bushwhack

Today mark my three months living in New York City (yay!) I made it without bad things happen to me. Contrary to what my family thinks when they know I want to continue my education in this tough city. There’re many parts of the city I have not explore and today I decided to explore the Bushwick, Brooklyn with its countless mural, hidden music store, and most importantly those abandoned industrial look buildings that you would not know whether its functional or not. But, after you step inside, it’s a whole another world.

Bushwick is middle – class neighborhood in the Northern part of the New York City borough of Brooklyn. It’s relatively easy to get to, the major service running through the area include the J Z trains on the BMT Jamaica Line, the M trains on the BMT Myrtle Avenue Line, and the L trains on the BMT Canarsie Line. I start from Manhattan, which I took the L train towards Canarsie – Rockaway Parkway.

A Surprise Artist Studio Place

A Hipster Day at Bushwick, NYBushwick is totally different. There’re so many hidden places to find out. The first surprise after I get out the subway – 14th Street-Canarsie Line – was this square brick building with a signage written The BogArt on it. It’s actually an artist production studio place. There were several rooms showing art installation.

What’s Up With The Crazy Street Art?

From what searched online about Bushwick art I an article by The New York Post about a local, Joe Ficalora, who threw a neighborhood party to raise money for children with brain tumors, and asked street artists to paint a few local walls. This act evolved into The Bushwick Collective, an effort to turn Bushwick into a diverse, massive outdoor art gallery.

Upon checking it out, the street art are everywhere! Here are some of my favourites.

A Hipster Day at Bushwick, NY

A Hipster Day at Bushwick, NY | Photo: Ghufron
Oink! Shown nearby the distillery
A Hipster Day at Bushwick, NY
Photo: Badarmotik

A Hipster Day at Bushwick, NY

A Hipster Day at Bushwick, NY
Love birds. Not really a mural but its pretty cool

Stop at the Rum Distillery

Photo: The Noble Experiment

After seen too many murals I stumble upon a local distillery, The Noble Experiment. Luckily I’m on time for their Saturday’s guided tour. They hold weekly guided tour at 2 PM and 5 PM at $10 (includes tasting). It’s interesting to learn how their business philosophy based on one of a kind ingredient combined with a long, cold fermentation philosophy.

The Daily Take Out

Bushwick is one of the most photogenic neighbourhoods, and you will want to bring your iPhone / camera to document its changing landscape.

A Hipster Day at Bushwick, NY
Say Hi to Ghufron!

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