6 Things Only Indonesian People Would Say It’s True

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Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the world. It is composed of more than 17,000 islands and has a population of about 261 million (making it the 4th largest country by population). Indonesian culture is so diverse that often we’re confused on how to explain it to foreigners. There are more than 700 tribes, 3000 traditional dances, and 1,000 local languages. Apart from these traditional cultures, Indonesian are very proud of their pop or ‘modern’ culture. Surprisingly, several of these pop cultures are becoming trending topics. On rare occasions, insider jokes such as ‘Om Telolet Om’ go viral, baffling some of the world’s most popular DJ’s. Our favorite young Indonesian rapper right now is Rich Chigga, who got a reaction from Flatbush Zombies, GoldLink, Jazz Cartier, and was interviewed alongside Pharrell Williams.

We here at Slow Travel Story have whipped up some GIFs to demonstrate being an Indonesian. Check them out and let us know if it’s true to you. As Indonesian people would say it in their language: Ini gw banget loh!

“As Indonesian people would say it in their language: Ini gw banget loh!”

We love to brag about Indonesia’s 17,000 islands


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Well, it is true! There are more things to do that you can imagine. From eating the most delicious beef dish called Rendang, watching the sunrise over Borobudur, experiencing the Seven Wonders of the World, seeing the Komodo dragons, or swimming with stingless jellyfish.

We enjoy our activities in the mall

Indonesia is located near the equator, which means that we have equal length of day and night throughout the year. As it can be very hot during the day, we’re grateful we have many malls that accommodate our activities. We try to cram everything we have to do during the day in one place, especially when living in one of the cities with the worst traffic in the world, Jakarta.  

We have our own cool slang

Indonesian slang or as we call it, “Bahasa Gaul.” Bahasa means ‘language,’ and Gaul means ‘social,’ ‘cool’ or ‘trendy.’ It can be quite difficult to understand for a foreigner. The slang does not fit neatly into the vocabulary and grammatical structure of Indonesia’s national language. We use the slang predominantly in everyday conversation, when posting on social media, and to a certain extent, in pop culture publications. And don’t even start with us on our local tribe’s languages, from Javanese, Padangnese, and so on.


We love to share our entertainment industry! From music and film to anything that’s even remotely entertaining for us


Who doesn’t go crazy when those Indonesian movies come out in theaters? Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, Jelangkung, Laskar Pelangi, or the all-time family favorite Petualangan Sherina. These movies turn into parodies or memes fast; you can see it pop up everywhere on online media. Just like this Ada Apa Dengan Cinta parody we love.

We are VERY patient when we’re stuck in traffic


Commuting for more than 3 hours each day is considered normal when you are working in the heart of Jakarta and living in outskirt cities such as Depok, Bogor, or BSD. Sometimes in the rainy season, you would expect to drive more than 4 hours each way, due to flooding. That’s how congested the city is. The crazy tangle consists of cars, buses, and motorcycles. Simply google “macet” or “Jakarta macet” then you will see we’re not exaggerating! As for the pedestrians, we’re brilliant in maneuvering our way around the city. There’s a saying that when you can drive in Jakarta’s traffic, you can drive anywhere in the world!

We have many ways of expressing our creativity

We’re not only relying upon established industries for our entertainment, but on the creativity of Millennials as well. According to an article by one of the biggest Indonesian media firms, Tempo, Indonesia had more than 5 million bloggers in 2013. Now, with the latest photo and video sharing applications, it’s difficult to measure how many Indonesians are using the app for professional gain. There are tech, travel, fashion, architecture, and comedy bloggers out there. To name a few, Raditya Dika, Arief Muhammad, Benazio, and Alit Susanto are all famous in the comedy scene. There’s even a fashion blogger that has been blogging since she was nine years old: Evita Nuh writes the blog The Creme De La Crop, where she’s an inspiration for teens to explore fashion, as featured on Buzzfeed.

Living in Indonesia is not easy. We have to deal with traffic, pollution, flooding, limited/bad internet access, few open spaces in the big city and sometimes many times challenging government bureaucracies. Whatever the case, we know we’ll find a way to make our lives easier and exciting.


Video credit to @BrianImanuel YouTube

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