50 Reasons to Visit Disney When You’re an Adult

50 Reasons to Visit Disney As an Adult | Slow Travel Story

Though widely regarded as a place for kids, Walt Disney World has plenty of reason why it’s a fit for adults. The trick is figuring out how adults can maximize their fun in the park.

So, check out these 50 reasons why Disney World is for a grown up too.

  1. Wear Mickey Mouse ears all day
  2. See the amazing fireworks at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. With a different …song in the background?
  3. Fast Passes
  4. Magic Bands
  5. The nostalgic feeling
  6. You got to meet your favorite Disney’s Characters
  7. Try the roller coaster ride at 10 AM
  8. Fall in love with the Indiana Jones or the Beast
  9. Laugh out all day
  10. You can wear the Mickey hat all day
  11. or eat Mickey shaped candies
  12. Explore the world’s culture in one day at EPCOT
  13. Meet Darth Vader
  14. Feeling young, even its for a day
  15. Trade your Disney’s pin with others
  16. Talk to the handsome and charming (Disney) prince
  17. …or hug your (Disney) princess
  18. Confuse which Mickey hat to buy
  19. For mommies, stock up for your kids Halloween costumes
  20. Go on your favorite rides all day
  21. The freedom
  22. Meet new people
  23. Discover the hidden Mickey throughout the park
  24. Find out that there’s a secret underground tunnel where
  25. the cast members pop in and out. (shh…)
  26. Take a lot of photos. I mean..a lot!
  27. Experience the nightlife at The Boardwalk
  28. Stay at a resort and live like king
  29. Park hopping
  30. Use the single riders line, and you’re going to be way-way ahead than others
  31. Eat a funnel cake
  32. Go in a group or solo? People won’t judge! It’s a happy place
  33. Realize you still have the energy to go roller coaster crazy
  34. Go camping in Disney Parks
  35. Amazed by the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  36. Enjoy a spa treatment at one of Disney Resort
  37. Wear all kinds of Disney on your body
  38. Get face painting
  39. Ride the famous Disney’s Haunted Mansion
  40. Learn Disney’s history
  41. Go to four parks in 2 days. Or even one day if you want
  42. Experience one of the best hospitality industry in the world
  43. Now you know why they call it the “most magical place on earth”. Or not?
  44. You will experience feeling like a giant
  45. Drink around the world at EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival
  46. Carry less crap when you’re going without kids
  47. Do whatever you want
  48. Feel proud when you pass the height requirement
  49. Try different Coca-Cola flavors in EPCOT
  50. And finally, because it’s Disney!

Also, here’s a video of my Disney’s experience. Yes, it is my first time, and yes I’m an adult.

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