4 reasons Germany is a great family holiday


The big summer break fast approaching, but for many, the job of working out where to go for the family summer holiday is still firmly on the to-do list.

Maybe you’re considering a family-friendly all-inclusive somewhere sunny, or maybe you simply prefer holidaying in the back garden for a staycation! There are so many different options out there, and it can be difficult to think of a destination that would please everyone in your family. But, before you make a final decision, consider Germany – it’s a great option for a family holiday and one that’s often overlooked.

In this article, we explore four of the many reasons why you should consider Germany for your family holiday this year.

  1. There really is something for everyone

Germany offers a multitude of identities depending on where and when you plan to go, with experiences to meet every kind of expectation and to suit every taste. Whatever it is that your family enjoys – stunning scenery, architecture, live music, getting active or simply chilling out – Germany has it all to explore.

If you’re traveling with little ones, consider going during the country’s festival season. Think decorated floats, colorful costumes, street dancers and brass bands – a true spectacle for the whole family to enjoy.

For older children and teenagers, the capital of Berlin is a must-visit. An exciting city steeped in history; here you’ll find fascinating museums, landmarks, architecture, and culture. While you’re exploring the many sights and sounds of this city, make sure you check out its famed street-art scene at the same time.

  1. It’s straight out of a storybook

If you’ve got Disney fans in your family, central Germany is a must. Hike through the legendary Harz mountains and explore the Thuringian Forest on foot or by bike (where you’ll even find a ‘Fairytale Road) to see real-life castles, lush forests, and Christmas card scenery to take everyone’s breath away. Kids will love the mythical palaces, enchanting towns and timbered villages scattered along the 600km stretch. Neuschwanstein Castle, in particular, truly has to be seen to be believed. Built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, its ornate extravagance went on to inspire Walt Disney’s famous fairytale castle. If you plan to do this one by car (a good idea for younger families) be sure to take plenty of snacks and car games.

The good news is that many of Germany’s tourist attractions are geared around kids. Keep the little ones entertained by hunting out interactive museums, pools, zoos, and playgrounds. There’s so much to explore, so you’ll be sure to find something everyone will enjoy.

  1. Food glorious food

One of the fantastic things about Germany is the yummy food you’ll get to eat while there. With more than 1500 types of sausages on offer, along with sauerkraut, soups, stews and hundreds of types of bread and cheese, there is something for every palette in this culinary wonderland.

Germany is known for its street markets, so take the kids along to meet the chefs and see their dinner being prepared! Don’t forget to pack some snacks too, like nuts and fruit smoothies, in case the kids aren’t keen on trying the local delicacies.

  1. There are children’s discounts

Many popular museums and attractions are free to children below a certain age. Check the website before you set off. You will also find that many spots offer family day passes, too. If you plan to explore Germany’s stunning cities by bus, there’s more good news. Kids will often qualify for cheaper transport and tours.

Ready to book your family trip to Germany?

If you’re looking to get a great deal on a summer trip to Germany this year, be sure to shop around. If you book in advance, you can bag a much cheaper deal – as well as money off added extras like in-flight meals, baggage, and transfers. Anything that will make the whole airport experience less stressful is a good idea, too, so make sure everyone’s prepared – you don’t want any last minute panic at the check-in gate! The sooner everyone’s organized, the sooner you’ll all be able to relax and enjoy a well-earned break.  

Happy holidays!

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