4 Days Traveling to Beautiful NTT Kupang

There’s a saying amongst local that Nusa Tenggara Timur or East Nusa Tenggara is famous for 1000 church, 1000 temple, and 1000 mosque. Traveling to NTT Kupang is a new experience for me. Our guide, Mr. Mesakh Toy has been patient with us – with occasionally use of megaphone to explain and remind us of the time so we can stop taking pictures.

Partnered with ASITA NTT and Travel Blogger Indonesia, I had the chance to explore 4 days in Kupang. The short time is a perfect kick for us to explore the city as maximum we can – plus an occasional rest time 😉

By the way, It’s a relieved that I got a plane ticket, as I tend to forget or procrastinate the last-minute. I know this is bad. I found Sriwijaya Airlines have route to Kupang with their Sriwijaya fleet and their subsidiary, NAM air. Yeay, Problem solved!

Kupang city accommodation has been developed for tourists. Especially when there was a direct flight from Darwin, Australia. You can find the range of hotels up to 4 stars hotel in Kupang!

Things to do visit in NTT Kupang are SOE, Mount Mutis, Tablolong beach, Oehala Waterfall, Crystal Cave, Kolbano beach, and the famous Semau Island for its exotic beaches.

Itinerary in Kupang

  • Day 1: Crystal Cave, city tour, and enjoy sunset at Tablolong beach
  • Day 2: Car Free Day on Saturday, SOE – Mount Mutis, Fatumnasi, and Bola Palelo
  • Day 3: Oehala waterfall, Kolbano beach, and Oetune beach
  • Day 4: Semau Island to check out the beaches baby!




Day 1: Crystal Cave, city tour, and enjoy sunset at Tablolong beach

Yeay! Finally we arrived in Kupang. The bloggers and me arrived late at 2PM. The first stop is a city tour of Kupang where we found a mural near the beach. The blazing hot sun does not stop locals or us for having a good time. Chilling at the nearby café where locals often went to play pool table. I think they’re more confused of why we took so many photos. Snap, snap, snap!

Then we head to Crystal Cave. Famous for its fresh clear water inside, the Crystal Cave is one of local destination for swimming. With no construction to accommodate tourists, going inside the cave can be challenging. The rock formation is the base of the stair. Older people or pregnant women are not recommended to go inside. You need to be very careful to get in.

To close the day, we enjoyed sunset at Tablolong beach. 30KM from the city centre. There were many people while we’re there. I guess its famous amongst locals!

Recommendation: Visit Crystal Cave at noon or exactly 12PM where the light of the sun penetrates the cave. Otherwise it would be pitch dark inside the Crystal Cave.


Day 2: Car Free Day on Saturday, SOE – Mount Mutis, Fatumnasi, and Bola Palelo

Car free day (CFD) is the time and day of the week where a certain area in the city of Indonesia is close for transportation. The purpose is for local to enjoy the area for any activities such as exercise, sell food, or simply an area for them to dance. CFD start from 6AM until noon located in El Tari street.

At 10AM, using private car we started our journey to SOE, a 2.5 hours drive away from Kupang city center. On our way to SOE we stopped at Bola Palelo highland. The place let you see the majestic view of Kupang from afar. It delights your eyes, as you’d forget that you’re seeing this in Indonesia.

Next, we continue our journey to SOE where we enter Kapan city and then finally arrived at Fatumnasi village. We’re so lucky that we had the privilege of greeting by the locals with Sbo Maekat dancing. The dance resembles a war dance where the girls instead of wear jewelry from horsehair but wear gold platted bangles on their ankles.

Places you must visit in SOE are Vatu Kolen – a huge rock formation like pillar and Mutis Mountain. Unfortunately we only have time sightseeing in the forest (Many huge bonsai tree!) because the mountain hike would take 3 hours one-way.

Recommendation: The journey is long. There might be a local mini bus you could use but I recommend rent a car or motorcycle. Also, Fatumnasi village can be quite cold at night. Hence, prepare your journey.


Day 3: Oehala waterfall, Kolbano beach, and Oetune beach

Kolbano Beach Kupang NTT | Wonder Tripper
Kolbano Beach
Oehala Waterfall NTT Kupang | Wonder Tripper
Oehala Waterfall
Photo: Valentino Luis

Things to do today is visiting the famous Oehala waterfall. The word “Oe” in local Timor tribe language (not Bahasa Indonesia) means Water. Located 100KM from Kupang city center, it takes approximately 2 hours to get here.

Feel the cold fresh water as you dip into the water while you soak in the gorgeous forest view.

Continuing our journey is a visit to Kolbano beach and Oetune beach, 2 hours ride from SOE. I personally prefer Kolbano beach tough. Both beautiful but it has its own characters. Oetune sand and water are darker and brownish color where I prefer the Kolbano’s white sandy beach and bright blue water.

Recommendation: Don’t forget to go on the big rock at Kolbano beach. The view is majestic. You can see where the light blue water meets the darker one.


Day 4: Semau Island to check out the beaches baby!

Semau Island Kupang | Wonder Tripper
Yunian beach

Start your journey early. 8AM is good enough. Travel to Tenau harbor and rent a boat to transfer you and your motorcycle (yes, your motorcycle) to Semau Island. Price per person around Rp 25,000 ($2) per person and Rp 25,000 ($2) for the motorcycle. It takes 30 minutes to transfer to Semau Island. Prepare yourself with huge island with very little infrastructure. Only local houses and one to two shops (or warung as we Indonesian says). There are 5 beaches to explore; Otan beach, Yunian beach, Liman beach, Uituhtuan beach, and Onanbalu beach. The location from one to another is far. With motorcycle it took us almost 1 to 1.5 hours to go to different beaches.

Recommendation: Bring a local guide with you as travelling alone in the island is difficult. Not many street sign. To make it worst, no street light in many parts of the island. Hence, a local guide is a must!

To conclude, travelling to Kupang in 4 days is ok if you do not have time. It could be a packed trip tough. The head of ASITA NTT, Mr. Abed Frans said it need at least 2 weeks to travel the whole NTT. I guess I hear the word Road trip!


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