20 reason why you should try slow travel once in a lifetime. Tried and tested by travelers and bloggers

20 reason why you should try slow travel once in a lifetime. Tried and tested by travellers, bloggers, and wanderers | Wonder Tripper

Save more money

When you stay in one place for longer periods, you can save a lot of money. You cut down on high transportation costs including flights, airport transfers, taxis, trains, etc. If you travel slowly, you would know where locals go shopping. And any place the locals go always have the best price!

More meaningful experiences and relationships created

The longer you stay, the most meaningful experiences you will get. Spend only five days in one place, and you’ll be more than likely to forget about your time after a couple of years.

Slow travel is more sustainable

The fact that traveling– especially by plane– leaves a whopping carbon footprint. The slower our means of transport, the less that [carbon] footprint is, said Green Global Travel

The longer you stay, the most meaningful experiences you will get. Spend five days somewhere and you’ll more than likely forget about your time there after a handful of years.

It’s about taking the time to observe, to be at the moment, and take pleasure from simple things

Because sometimes you would not remember all the building you tried to get to in a single day. But, it’s the cool street musician you found and shared conversation. The stories you’ve heard from these young girls that helping you to get to the most beautiful cave in Indonesia, or the time you sneak into a wedding parade on the street of New Delhi.

Slow travel will preserve your energy

“It’s too easy to get caught in the trap of trying to see everything there is to see; going through the motions but not absorbing anything. Slow travel will keep things fresh and prevent the burnout that is inevitable when you are on the road for months,” said Simon and Erin from Never Ending Voyage  

Learning the language

“Especially if you decide to travel in an area that is not popular with tourists. Many times you will be required to know a few key words or sentences,” from Dying To Travel

Get into a routine that works for you

Dave and Deb from The Planet D said that “Slow travelers will naturally (or eventually) find a balance between living in a foreign country and traveling.” It is essential to find your routine when staying longer in a particular country. Planning and leaving often is constantly hard. Finding your routine would make your travel more enjoyable. When I started living in New York, the constant rush is very exhilarating, but there are times it takes a toll on me. Then I found an affordable place to do Yoga, going back to my exercise routine would balance my life here. There are so many things to do that you eventually feel missing out. Beware of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out); it’s true.

You get excellent at budgeting and being frugal

Frugal does not mean you’re cheap. You know how to spend money in exchange for the highest travel benefit.

You master the art of packing

Packing becomes your second nature. Whether packing for the summer trip or multi-season trip, you master it all! One week worth of clothes can last for a month when traveling to tropical countries in Asia.

It’s about letting go of your fear and opening your heart

“Slow Travel is about letting go of fear and opening your heart,” said Karin-Marijke Vis, Notes On Slow Travel.

You won’t get lost

Vagabondish – a website dedicated to Dubious tips & essential ephemera for today’s curious traveler – mentioned why you should walk your way around the world. Sometimes arriving in a new place can be overwhelming to your sense. By slowly adjusting would help you decipher the new tricky language, culture, and food. At walking pace, you can discover your new territory while carefully learning from the map you have.

Enjoy a day in without feeling guilty

Traveling is exhausting. Sometimes you just want to curl up in your bed and watch Netflix. When traveling slow, you would have this advantage. Enjoy your lazy day to recharge for your next adventure.

You can get into a better shape

“When I walk at my natural pace, I tend to walk more. In Venice recently I found I was walking up to 17,000 steps a day! That’s after I ditched my map; before that, I was walking less than half as I shuffled trying to decipher street names,” said Leyla from The Women On The Road.

Be spontaneous

Without a schedule, nothing is holding you down. Want to do bungee jumping, go on a bus tour, visit a small town nearby, or go to the most amazing art festival? Just do it!

Renting an apartment in a different country sounds exotic!

The first thing you would realize is how much you would save on accommodation. Renting an apartment can cost the same as staying in a hotel. With an apartment, you will have more personal space.

Having a new skill. A LOT of skill

Be it blogging, photography, cooking, or know how to do the martial art. There’s enough time for you to learn this that you can brag about it to your friends and family.

Explore less touristy area

Slow travel lets you have more insight about the place. Going to less touristy place can be your best part of the trip. My experience in the La Union, Philippines was one of them. I would never go there unless my friend forced me. I was so disappointed when I arrived; there were no waves. However, the hostel and the conversation I had with locals, ended up being the best part of my trip.

Use airline points more wisely

Part of the reason to travel more slowly is to avoid the most expensive part of the trip which is airfare. Traveling slowly lets you choose between pay with points or cash. Also, you have more options on how to go. For example, you could choose on how you want to spend your 3-hour journey in England. From my experience and countless research it’s better to travel by train. More scenery to enjoy! rather than stuck at the airport.

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Spend less time in transit

“When you only have a week off school to travel, spending two full days in transit can be frustrating. Not only is it a huge time sink, but the stress of it all can also take away from experience,” said Holly Johnson. Traveling slowly let you move at your pace and use the transit times actually to explore the area.

Traveling is not a contest

Because in the end..travel is not a contest. Jennifer Miller wrote about how travel is becoming more of a contest in this demanding modern culture. “So much of modern culture pushes us at a frenetic pace. Americans seem to be the worst of the bunch, with 30% of people not taking their allotted vacation time and 37% not taking more than a week a year. For the rest, a sad 33%, we tend to vacation the same way we live: at warp speed with emphasis on performance and “box checking.” Hence, the proliferation of tours that cram three countries and five cities into two weeks and keep travelers moving on an itinerary that feels like anything but the vacation.”

20 reason why you should try slow travel once in a lifetime. Tried and tested by travellers and bloggers | Wonder Tripper
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