#1 New York Grumpy Grandma

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Highlights of the day:#1 New York Grumpy Grandma

New York has its ways to reveal its beauty bizarre. There always little things that happened that would surprise your day.

Walking towards Union Square from 8th Street, saw a grandma standing in front of a store. Heavily rained, the gloomy day can take a toll for others who need to rush to other places. Especially me where I loathe rains. Trying to walked past the people, I saw a grandma standing in front of a store talked, or more like forced to talk to, a guy trying to give her an apple. It such a sweet gesture coming from the city where personal space is highly upheld.

However, hold on! You might think this grandma would receive this apple happily, yet her response was:

“I’m not worthy of an apple!” and she left. Hurriedly.

Just like that.

The guy was dumbfounded. Awkward faces and all. I can’t stop smiling. Part of me thinks this grandma is so bizarre, but when I looked around no one pay attention to it. It just a normal rainy day in New York city.
Highlight Location: Between E 11st and University Pl.

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