Bali from Locals Guide

50+ pages of information from Indonesian people to help you travel in Bali for a month for less than $600, including accommodation.

First, a little history on how this travel guide came up. I’ve been asked numerous times if it’s possible to travel on a budget for one month in Bali. As an Indonesian, the answer is yes! But with my 25 years of local knowledge, it is sometimes difficult to share it in a conversation. Also, the information I found online always lacked that local knowledge. I realized that I and my local friends know more about Bali than a general Google search. Why would I want to keep this to myself? Alas! I’ve written this book as a way to fully explain why and how you can have similar experience to what the locals get when exploring in Bali.

Featured in this guide:Bali from Locals | Slow Travel Story

  • Planning your first trip to Bali
    • Information on before getting in, logistics, renting your transportation, and visa
  • Bali Essentials
    • Best area to stay, beaches, beach clubs, festival, restaurants, accommodation, and more
  • How to live as a Digital Nomad in Bali
    • Essential information, long-term renting, coworking space, coding workshop, and best area to stay
  • Beyond Main Island of Bali
    • Explore the famous Gili Trawangan and famous dive destination Nusa Penida Island
  • What Kind of a Slow Traveler Are You?
    • Are you the digital nomad, the culturally curious, or the wave chaser? with one month mid and high budget calculations