Bali from Locals Guide


50+ pages of information from Indonesian people to help you travel in Bali for a month for less than $600, including accommodation.

First, a little history on how this travel guide came up. I’ve been asked numerous times if it’s possible to travel on a budget for one month in Bali. As an Indonesian, the answer is yes! But with my 25 years of local knowledge, it is sometimes difficult to share it in a conversation. Also, the information I found online always lacked that local knowledge. I realized that I and my local friends know more about Bali than a general Google search. Why would I want to keep this to myself? Alas! I’ve written this book as a way to fully explain why and how you can have similar experience to what the locals get when exploring in Bali.

Featured in this guide:Bali from Locals | Slow Travel Story

  • Planning your first trip to Bali: Information on before getting in, logistics, renting your transportation, and visa
  • Bali Essentials: Best area to stay, beaches, beach clubs, festival, restaurants, accommodation, and more
  • How to live as a Digital Nomad in Bali: Essential information, long-term renting, coworking space, coding workshop, and best area to stay
  • Beyond Main Island of Bali: Explore the famous Gili Trawangan and famous dive destination Nusa Penida Island
  • What Kind of a Slow Traveler Are You? Are you the digital nomad, the culturally curious, or the wave chaser? with one month mid and high budget calculations

What Readers Are Saying About This Book

“The Bali Local Guide is perfect for everyone who wants to travel with insider tips and does not only wants to stay at the main touristic parts of the island. It offers information for every kind of traveler: the adventurous, the digital nomad, the surfer and water addicted, the culturally curious and the party animal. I really love the work Shabrina puts in the book to give travelers the chance to make the best out of their stay and even though I stayed 4 months in Bali.” – Berit