Whenever I start my travel these are the companies I choose first. The list comprise of companies / travel gear I personally use and recommend. They’re the best and offers deals you would not like to miss. Do check back for more updates by me.




Travel Resource | Wonder TripperThis site connects with homeowners who rent out their house or apartment for travellers. With the comfort of a local home this has been one of my choice to experience the culture first hand. If you sign-up using the link here, you’ll get $20 off your first stay!


Travel Resource | Wonder TripperAccommodation website for hotel and hostel in the world. When in Indonesia or Asia in general I always use this company. They got the best rates!


Travel Resource: Accommodation, Gear, Airfare, and more | Wonder TripperWhere you can find cheap and awesome resource for hotel / hostel too. They have deals daily on hotel around the world.


CS_PrimaryLogoOrange10092012This website a great way to save money. It allows you to connect with locals who willingly spare their spare rooms or couches for free. It gives you the first hands on experience with the locals than finding out with your new buddy from the hostel. However, even tough its free, always treat your host good. Well, they open their homes to you. They’re just like you who wants to meet new people so make sure you know if they have any rules.


In Indonesia – As I originally from Indonesia, here’s my recommendation. I don’t use any company other than this. 


Travel Resource: Accommodation, Gear, Airfare, and more | Wonder TripperThis the website to go to find the cheapest and airline deals in Indonesia. You  can easily book tickets via mobile app where for first timer there usually give discount. The Promo calendar on their homepage let you find easy airline promo price without searching. It comes in english language too.


Travel Resource: Accommodation, Gear, Airfare, and more | Wonder TripperTiket is the place where I book my train ticket rather than go to the station. For foreigners sometimes the system don’t accept foreign credit / debit card but you can choose other payment option like pay at Alfamart (local convenience store).



Travel Resource: Airfare, Gear, Accommodation, and more | Wonder TripperGood site to find different airlines. They give wide selection for the low cost carriers. My source to search on airlines worldwide for the first time.


Booking Sites


Visit.org logo Travel Resource | Wonder TripperMy go to site when going on a tour and travel more than a tourist. This awesome worldwide company let you book tours that focus on sustainable travel, eco-tourism. Plus, the profit received goes back to the community.

Travel Gear


This bag has survive mountains, soaking wet, and, tons of travel to the beaches. The Woman Fit feature is perfect for us ladies. For a shortie like me it is good to have the option of choosing the S/M or L size. However, it effects the space around 1 to 2 litre. Currently using Osprey Women’s Kyte 46 Backpack.

Buff Headband

Great for outdoors! absorbs water or sweat fast. Its versatile! can be worn as a scarf, bandanna, headband, hat, facemask or wristband. My companion when hiking.
Currently using Buff Original Headband.



They do the math for you. Travel expense calculation just got easier. Highly recommended for someone who’s traveling with friends. This app makes tracking expense and dividing very easy. For US, you can connect this with Paypal and Venmo so it get more easier to pay back your friend.


Its been 3 years using Kindle. This is the most convenient way to read a book and having thousands of books in hand. Currently I use the Kindle Voyage edition. The built in light feature is what helps me read at night. I highly recommend the product for someone who can’t stand not reading in a day. I’ve had my fair of share using the Kindle Paperwhite and  Kindle Voyage. For me the specs is almost the same (apart from the adaptive light sensor and page press) which not a very different from the Paperwhite version. If you want the affordable one choose Kindle Paperwhite ($119) but if you’re a book nerd and can’t resist those new gadget try Kindle Voyage ($199)


My favourite travel books

Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami1984 – by George Orwell1,000 Places to See Before You Die – by Patricia SchultzThis Earth of Mankind (Buru Quartet) – by Pramoedya Ananta Toer