Meet Shabrina!

It’s difficult to make paragraph about me. So, here are little dots about me:

  • In love with traveling since my parents send me off to summer camp when I was 11 to Sweden
  • Can’t hold myself when seeing SALE on airline tickets or trip packages
  • Always carry my Kindle everywhere. I’m kinda a book nerd. My current record was finished 17 books in a month. Yeay!
  • Almost died when getting my diving license
  • I experience what it’s like to visit 125 restaurants in a day
  • Other than traveling, I’m interested in Digital or Startup world.


About Shabrina Koeswologito | Wonder Tripper

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The 100 List

Life is too short to always do the same routine every day. I know I do not want to be the person who by the time they’re 50 asking this question…I wish…So, inspired from My 100 List of Hannyin her Beradadisini blog, here are my crazy yet awesome 100 lists I would like to do in life.

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  1. Learn how to surf
  2. Learn German – halfway done..and need to do some more
  3. Own a library
  4. Meeting a stranger and have a very long conversation
  5. Have a scuba diving license – Done. I receive my Open Water Dive license in 2013
  6. Get married in the beach
  7. Know how to code
  8. Learn how to play the piano
  9. Learn Jazz Ballet – Done
  10. Travel to Iceland
  11. See Aurora Borealis
  12. Skinnydipping – Done
  13. Be a guest speaker
  14. Get verified on all social media account I have ?
  15. Have a deja vu feeling
  16. Backpack alone
  17. Do Skydiving
  18. Do Bungee Jumping – DoneRead my experience: here
  19. Learn to make dessert
  20. Have my own brand/line
  21. Publish a book
  22. Go on a cruise
  23. Go to The Burning Man
  24. Go and see Hollywood
  25. Get my master degree
  26. Have my own backpacker hostel
  27. Kiss a random guy I met while traveling – Done
  28. Experience a day like in the movie of Before Sunrise
  29. Travel to all countries in Europe
  30. Have my own house
  31. Have a ombre hair
  32. Have my hair very very short – Done
  33. Be in a sports team – Done. Was in swimming team while I’m in high school
  34. Have 3 children
  35. Go to a beach party – Done
  36. Be at the red carpet
  37. Learn martial art
  38. Meet my Doppelganger
  39. Have my own charity company
  40. Kiss a fellow traveler – Done
  41. Be a barista
  42. Have a drink with my name on it
  43. Learn how to shoot a gun
  44. Giving my number to a stranger
  45. Go on a blind date
  46. Finish my Happiness Project
  47. Read all Jane Austen novels
  48. Go to Silicon Valley
  49. Meet the President
  50. Play with Penguins
  51. Go to Disneyland – Done
  52. Go on a ride on the tallest roller coaster
  53. See snow – Done
  54. See the Pyramid
  55. Be in 2 places at once
  56. Live in New York.  And it’s not all sex and the city glamorous. But, it’s one helluva ride. Like when your honeymoon phase with NYC is over.
  57. Stare at a beautiful painting for 1 hour or more
  58. Go to Hajj
  59. Buy my parents something expensive. I mean..really valuable item
  60. Travel to 50 states of America
  61. Have a cup of tea with a stranger and talked random stuff
  62. Have an experiment
  63. Scuba diving in Raja Ampat
  64. Enjoy dinner and sunset in the desert
  65. Visit my high school host family and friends
  66. Experience the first walk and talk from my kid
  67. Volunteering abroad
  68. Traveling to 365 places in Indonesia
  69. Learn belly and pole dancing
  70. Watch meteor shower
  71. Turn off my cellphone for 2 weeks
  72. Travel to middle east
  73. Invited as a guest speaker to talk about entrepreneur
  74. Go on a yacht
  75. Stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day without having gone home (just once).
  76. Kiss someone I’ve met on a blind date.
  77. Attend at least one major sporting event
  78. Sleep under the stars.
  79. Go on the tallest roller coaster ride
  80. Spend New Years in exotic place
  81. Remember whole lyrics of one favorite song
  82. Learn how to paint – Done
  83. Meet my all time favorite actor Ian Somerhalder
  84. Skiing
  85. Watch the World cup in the host country.
  86. Make a big presentation on a stage
  87. Do a Yoga head stand
  88. Hug a lion
  89. See a school of fish while scuba diving
  90. See a whale
  91. Flying a helicopter
  92. Someone making me breakfast in bed
  93. Go on a drive in theater date
  94. Build a foundation for Education
  95. Build a website
  96. Travel to Antarctica
  97. Publish an article – Done
  98. See 50 UNESCO World Heritage Site
  99. Know how to perform CPR
  100. Go on a road trip.